I'm a creative content lover who can speak geek.

Over the years I've worked in both web development and communications, as a logical-thinking developer and an inventive writer/editor. I can think big while keeping my eye on the details – strategy and management are as important to me as production.

To me, your project is like a tree… 

The roots


I’ll dig deep to give the seed of your idea the best start in life.

This means working with you to clarify your objectives and investigating your audience’s needs. I’ll also assess the fertile soil of available resources so we can make the most of what you’ve got.

The strong roots we put down early on will feed the later stages of your project as it grows into something beautiful.

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The trunk & branches

Information architecture

I’ll define a content structure as solid as a big old tree trunk. Your content will be ordered, easy to navigate and connected by organic pathways as natural as a tree’s branches.

The interface, be it digital or physical, will be elegant and effective, encouraging exploration.

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The leaves & fruit


Well-written copy works like the leaves and flowers of a tree, attracting and feeding your audience.

I’ll prune those old, unnecessary bits and write irresistible copy that will spread the seed of your idea effectively while providing a tasty meal for your visitors.

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The rain

Web development

I can make it rain code that will pulse through and power up your content to make it glisten online.

Features will be tailored to suit your audience’s needs and you’ll have access to add or edit content as you desire.  

Trees grow taller when you can talk a multitude of languages to them – didn't you know?

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The birds


It’s all about results. Your rich, juicy content will attract exactly the right audience to propagate your message.

You’ll live in harmony with the busy birds and bees. They may even fertilise your next idea…

Case studies

Screenshot of Soul Tramper home page

Soul Tramper website

Strategy, Information architecture, Copywriting, Web development

screenshot of Te Motu Kairangi home page

Te Motu Kairangi website

Strategy, Information architecture, Copywriting, Web development

Screenshot of Shark Track home page

Shark Track website

Strategy, Information architecture, Copywriting, Web development

Screenshot of Feeding Birds at Home leaflet, upper

Feeding birds at home leaflet

Strategy, Information architecture, Copywriting

Screenshot of Zealandia homepage, upper

Zealandia website

Strategy, Information architecture, Copywriting

Screenshot of Forest & Bird blog, rock wren

Forest & Bird blog


Detail, kids clue hunt map, Zealandia

Kids' clue hunt

Strategy, Information architecture, Copywriting

Zealandia advertorial, upper

Community advertorial

Strategy, Information architecture, Copywriting