screenshot of Te Motu Kairangi home page

Te Motu Kairangi website

Joakim Liman loves nature. He’s been steadily planting native species in Miramar’s public areas for the last few years with council backing and growing volunteer support.

When we met to discuss Joakim’s existing website he was well aware it wasn’t delivering. He needed a guiding hand to form a strategy for improvement and someone with the know-how to deliver a great new site on a tight budget.

  • Strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Copywriting
  • Web development
screenshot of Te Motu Kairangi bird food calendar

4-fold increase in visitation

Te Motu Kairangi relaunched in August 2014. October statistics that year showed 3.8 times as many page visits as the same period in 2013.

Joakim has received many compliments from locals and ecological organisations and blogged about my services.


Q. What problem will the website solve, or help to solve?

A. The sub-optimal ecological state of Miramar Peninsula. A problem underpinned by low levels of awareness, motivation/inspiration, information and support.


Q. Who needs the website?

A. Primarily, people who are already gardening and want information on how to support biodiversity. Also school teachers, parents, kids, potential volunteers, social connectors, news media and curious minds.


For each audience I outlined a persona: a Jill Bloggs and her typical online behaviour given relevant tasks.

Is she hunting, browsing or accidentally discovering? What search terms will she use? What headings and imagery will draw her in?

screenshot of Te Motu Kairangi home page

Smart structure

With a firm understanding of objective and audience I built the new site’s information architecture (IA). This framework provided the basis for navigation structure and user experience.

The top-level navigation is simple and intuitive. The home page provides a good overall view, showing a range of at-a-glance information without overloading the visitor. 'Related links' at the bottom of pages encourage further exploration and each page is structured to be accessible and consistent. 

screenshot of Te Motu Kairangi lizard page

Content overhaul

I performed a much-needed substantive copy-edit and wrote new content to fill some of the remaining gaps in the new site. Likely search keywords were included for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

This re-write was a significant part of the project – although the old site had a wealth of information it was unstructured and often garbled. 

Note: though the site’s copy was clean as of August 2014 some errors may have crept in.  


To limit design costs I purchased a suitable responsive theme and extended it using CSS and HTML.

I also shot photos of Joakim and his volunteers to give the home page a welcoming feel.

Development features

Plant and weed filters give visitors control over content, enabling them to find relevant information quickly and easily. Event and blog pages help Joakim communicate to his followers and a contact form keeps Joakim’s email address private.

Built with PHP, CSS and HTML.

Content management

I tailored a user-friendly interface for Joakim that provides administrative access to most of the site.

Centralised content means plant information can be served to the plant list, the lizard page and the nectar calendar without replication.  

Built with Statamic CMS (Content Management System) and PHP.

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screenshot of Te Motu Kairangi home page

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